Louvre Museum of France is very famous throughout the world. How is Louvre pronounced? Is it pronounced loo-ver or lov-er to rhyme with hover?
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Neither. Most Anglophones pronounce it either [luvr\@] or simply [luv]
Marvin, isn't there any other way to explain me that how Louvre is explained besides the one which you used in previous post?
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You can pronounce 'Louvre' to make it rhyme with 'move'. You can also add an 'r' at the end, which can even be guttural (produced in the throat) if you want to say it the French way. If you feel up to it, it wouldn't be wrong to add a very short schwa (the vowel sound in 'of') after the 'r'.

Just a small piece of advice: it is really worth learning the international phonetic symbols. They're not difficult at all and make the study of languages so much easier.

Go to that website and click on the sound thing. There are many ways to pronouce the word. The first way is loo-ver. It sounds like groover. The second way is loo-vruh. It kinda sounds like loo-fa.

Thanks, anon.
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is there any website where we can actualy hear the correct pronounciation?
Neither. It is pronounced loo-vr. The r is a European rolling r. Many people mistakenly say loov, but that is not correct. The e is silent, but the r isn't.
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