How to pronounce Paulo Coelho?

Is it as paw-low coal-low?
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pronunciation of paulo coelho

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wontAnyway, I really don't understand why ['paw.lu ku.'e.lju] is such famous all over the world, his books are horrible and he definitely doesn't write well. If you want to read something really good from Brazil, try Machado de Assis or Clarice Lispector ;D
I am not Paulo Coelho fan, but i think you shouln´t say hs bssook are horrilbe. There are a lot of kind of readers, each writing fit different people. People like to read his books because them are easy to read.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez is also good.
Marquez has a style.
One of my favourite authores...

I pronounce it like:

Pow - loo - co - elho
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omg!! u cant say his buks r easy to read! they do have their own flow of thoughts and ideas...his mind is like a stream...u need to go along with the flow...u wont know wat u may find in its course...he shocks u,makes u cry,laugh and rebuke and keeps the reader in his control till the very end.Now, tats wat i call a quality of a gud writer.u need to be a writer to know a writers strength!! c'mon...no criticism without lateral thinking!!! chill it..tis s jus my point! B-) and btw..have u read his last buk?
Dear Auon;

This site entourages the correct use of the English language. Your post has a lot of errors.
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Once I read o book from Paulo Coelho, just for curiosity, and I can say it was the first and the last. But I have to agree that people llike stories that have easy reading. Because there are lots of illeterate people around the world.
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I enjoy Paul Coelho's books, and take offense to being judged as illiterate! Particularly, as you yourself have some spelling errors, it would appear that no-one is perfect.
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