After 15 years of studying English, I came to know that I cannot pronounce the letters 'v' and 'w' properly so the listners can distinguish them correctly.
When I say wedgie, people think that I am saying veggie, or when I ask for vodka, I am served with water.
Or people have hard times understanding me when I say the weather is windy.
I know that pronounciation should be taught practically with several times of repetition. But I would be grateful if you could tell me what the position of tongue should be when uttering each of these letters.
Meanwhile, how I can I practice saying them? It makes me disappointed, when native speakers do not understand me.
Are there certain words that I can start practicing by saying them.
I think that is the problem of many learners. Any idea, experience would be highly appreciated.
Thank you
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I am not the expert, but my tongue seems uninvolved; it seems relaxed, and the oral cavity is open, relaxed and rounded.

It is a matter of placing the lower lip under the upper teeth for the initiation of V but of rounding and closing the protruded lips for W.

No doubt CJ will be along to make sense of my attempted explanation.
I am not a teacher of pronunciation (or anything else), but it seems to me that a good way to practice the w words is to start them with "oo." Shape your lips as thought you are blowing out a candle. (oo-windy, oo-water, etc.) Then, when you actually want to use the word in conversation, shape your mouth for the "oo" sound but don't actually pronounce it.

When you want to pronounce a "v" word, start with your top teeth pressing down on your bottom lip.

It's interesting, because to me the V and W sounds are nothing at all alike. I could understand confusing the V sound with the F sound, because they both have the same teeth-on-lip position, but the W is completely different. Please try my suggestions and tell me if they help at all.
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Hi hrsanei

Try these minimal pairs, words and phrases. Let us know how it goes!

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Thank you very much Mister Micawber for your help. Your comment is indeed helpful.
Thank you Khoff, your explanation was great. I will try to pronounce the letters correctly and see if I am understood properly this way.
Thank you
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Thank you A.S.
It was great. The choice of words were magnificent.
Who has mads this video?
hrsaneiThank you A.S.It was great. The choice of words were magnificent.Who has mads this video?
Click on "more info" at the top right of the video.
hrsanei I will try to pronounce the letters correctly and see if I am understood properly this way.
Please let me know!
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