I have heard two kinds of pronunciations for 'w'. The one is like 'double u'. The other is different from the one. Sorry, it's diffcult to describe the pronunciation for me. So I wonder if there are two correct kinds of pronunciations for 'w'.
someone pronounced it as /'d/\bl/ /ju:/ ,but other people pronounced it as /'d/\b/ /lju:/ .
Either is fine. Most people I know use the first of the two.
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Well, people who make fun of George W. Bush say that his friends in Texas call him 'Dubya'.

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It's a humor parlance. But I want to know the formal pronunciations.

Hi Cateran.

I think the letter 'w' has different form of pronounciations depending upon the word that uses 'W'. For example, each of the following words with 'W' as first letter has different pronounciations.

Wood,will,wild,who, wire,wet,what..etc.
The only one I can see that has a different pronounciation in this list is who (hoo). The others all have a standard 'w' sound.

I can't think of any 'w' words that are pronounced differently, except in a very few cases of wh, where the 'w' is silent and it is pronounced 'h'.

Cateran, Can you give us some examples of words you find pronounced differently?
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I want to know the pronounciation of 'w' when 'w' is an alone letter not in any words.

The dictionary says it's pronounciation is /'d/\blju:/

I have heard that someone pronounced it as /'d/\bl/ /ju:/ ,but other people pronounced it as

/'d/\b/ /lju:/ .

I don't know if you can understand what I said, but I hope. I did my best in describing the question. Emotion: sad
Yes, it' like when you recite the alphabet?

Well, w is pronounced like a "double you". (double u)
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I think you are very careful to pronounce this letter.It's very interesting for my students to pronounce //'d/\blju:/ the first time. They feel very melodious with this sound. They asked me to repeat more than ten times. You are not familiar with the monosyllable language so you don't know how it is important to pronounce//'d/\blju:/ instead of /'d/\bl/ /ju:/ or'd/\b/ /lju:/ . Cateran has reasons to say so.And another thing W in What and Wood is also a problem when we use American English .

Phuong Ninnh

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