could you tell me how to read the following numbers:


If the number has more than one correct reading, plz inform

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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I will do the first and last -- you can figure out the rest

one hundred thousand

one hundred twenty three milllion, four hundred fifty six thousand, seven hundred and eighty nine
How do you read
6 240 000 000 000 000 000 ?
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AnonymousHow do you read
6 240 000 000 000 000 000 ?

Six point two four times ten to the eighteenth power (unless I counted wrong).

6.24 x 10^18
Why do you want to know? Of what use is that number? I would suggest:

6.24 x 1018.
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There's no elegant way to say that out loud.

One hundred seventy five million, two hundred and two thousand, and twenty dollars, and thirty five cents.

Usually, when one is dealing with money in the magnitude of more than 100 million dollars, one does not fuss with the hundres, tens, or single dollars, let alone the cents.

In real life, say something like "Just over one hundred seventy five point 2 million." ($175.2 million)
Incorrect. "And" is properly used ONLY with decimal points.

1,187 = one thousand, one hundred, eighty-seven
1,187.54 = one thousand, one hundred, eighty-seven AND fifty-four cents.
$175,202,020.35 =

one-hundred seventy-five million, two-hundred two thousand, twenty dollars AND thirty-five cents.

The word "and" when counting is properly used ONLY when speaking of a decimal.
Those that disagree need to take business math!
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Actually, I did take Business math, and I heartily disagree. 'And' can be and is used after 'hundred' in most instances by many native speakers either side of a decimal point-- or even when there is none.
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