could you tell me how to read the following numbers:


If the number has more than one correct reading, plz inform

One/a hundred and seven
One/a hundred and seventy
One/a thousand (and) seven
One/a thousand (and) seventy
One thousand seven hundred, or seventeen hundred
One thousand seven hundred and one
Seventeen thousand five hundred and eighty-seven
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  • one hundred seven

  • one hundred seven

  • one thousand, seven

  • one thousand, seventy

  • one thousand, seven hundred

  • one thousand, seven hundred one

  • seventeen thousand, five hundred eighty-seven
This is a great place to learn how to write big numbers:

Anon is not quite right here.

You need all the 'and's that Mr M put in.

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how can i read this valu and this number 1.275pound
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One point two seven five pounds
Nona The Brit
Anon is not quite right here.

You need all the 'and's that Mr M put in.

That's a difference between British and American English. I would not use the "and" in the middle of a number. Now, let's talk about how much a billion and a trillion are. Emotion: smile


From an entirely different anonymous account.
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If 1701 was a year, you can say:


(If that's how it's written Emotion: smile).
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