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My English is not quite well but reading and writing are not matter for me. I wana remove my stage fear because I ven’t the confidence to speak before others. I think it is very difficult to speak English when you have dozen pair of eyes fixed on you and as many ears alert to catch your words which u speak and find where u tripped. I know confidence is key of success, for this u must be improve Ur but communication skill and English play the major role in communication. Can u people guide me how can I remove this fear??????? I am very upset now-a-days for this because whenever u go for interview , Ur spoken English must be fluent and perfect.


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Hi Tahira,
I think you should practise grammer so that you can construct a sentence instantly and speak desparately without thinking about your errors .Just be careful about that whether you are able to convey your message or not.Don't pretend that you know English, because ignorance is not a crime.
I am not an expert, this is my personal opinion.

Thank you so much on this prompt reply. But I feel that it is quite difficult for me. I’ll join the spoken class next week inshallah. My teacher said that wrong English couldn’t give u the confidence. My main problem is that whenever I try to speak in English, I think at that time, is it wrong or right. I fumble during speaking which create the bad impression on listener.


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To remove stage fear talk naturally and think that you are speeking in presence of none. I get motivation if people are in large number. Since long duaration I am giving the lecture and handling various programme and every time I am getting big appriciation from the mass that I have good command.

How it comes?

Once upon I was weak in public speaking. I make in my mind that I will overcome the stage fear. Prewpare your topic in advance and ask your brain that you are the most inteligent person in group. it create confidence in you and enjoy your talk.

wish you all the best


Think in English

If your problem is fluency, well, think in English. I know, it's easier said than done but actually that's the key to fluency. The good thing is that you can do this being a basic or advanced student. You can use the English you know.

If I am a basic student, I start by thinking of the things I do regularly.

'I go to work after my English classes, then I go home have dinner, do my homework and go to bed.'

I can also think of the things I might say in ordinary situations like, shopping or eating at a restaurant, for example. Good afternoon. I would like steak with French fries.

You can gradually make an account of your day before going to bed. Something like: So, Did I have a good day today? What did I do today? I got up early, went to work, etc.

You can try to remember a book or a film you have seen: In that story a woman met an army officer who.....

You can also plan the next day activities. 'I'll get up early tomorrow because I have to go to work, etc'

You can make an account of your experiences: I've travelled to these places, I've eaten this kind of food, etc

The idea is that you should try to be more accurate each time. So your grammar will become more complex.

If you make a habit of this, speaking will not be that scary anymore.

If your problem is facing an audience, I suggest you take acting lessons or something like that. In my case, I played with a rock band and sang songs in English (that's also a good idea) in front of an audience and it was daunting at the beginning but it helped me. Now I teach English and I like it and I don't mind the people in front of me.
Ah, I forgot! The most important advantage of doing what I told you is that you'll be making fewer mistakes and you'll be more fluent than if you just translated your sentences from your language to English in your head just before speaking.

Good luck!
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hi this is dr mahantesh ................

my advice is to practice practice...................before ur perfrmances................. thats alll.....................

I hope this reply find all of u in the best of ur health.. Thank you soooooo much guys that gave me reply….I appreciate ur concern with my problem. I couldn’t fix my time to come online and read these replies na.. now I feel the confidence to speak but still have the problem to face the audience.

I’ll be overcome inshallah with the grace of Allah Paak.


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Find songs that you really like, then get them in MP3 or CD, get the lyrics from lyrics.com or others then SING !!! read and sing. You will develop earing skills and pronunciation.
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