Not really a grammar question I'm afraid, anyway, can anyone help me with the following:
when to write:
April 2 2005
April 2nd 2005
the second of April 2005
2 April 2005
or any other equivalent? I'm looking for the correct form in British English.
Thanks! Chrissy
I'm not British, Chrissy, but this will move your question up to the top of the menu again.

As an isolated date (as at the top of a letter) I would use only 2 April 2005 (April 2, 2005 is beginning to look quaint). In text (i.e. in an essay, etc.) I would use the same, or any of the others-- with appropriate commas, of course:

April 2nd, 2005
The 2nd/second of April, 2005
April the 2nd, 2005
The second of April in 2005
One thing you must be VERY careful about is the distinction between the UK and the USA abbreviated method. The second of April is:

2/4/05 in UK English but
4/2/05 in US English!
For dates less than 13 this can cause immense confusion.
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Dear mister Micawber, I'm a bit surprised there were no other reactions but I guess that means it doesn't really matter what form I use. Thanks anyway! Chrissy
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