Hi everyone.
i am new here and really glad i found this forum.
as my english is bad. i would like to ask a few questions often here if possible.

i was writing an email to my supervisor , please see below and can tell me what's wrong and how to write appropriately? i mean, what's the correct way to write it with the same meaning.

Please see the attached for the linkages between BSCS and Siebel jobs.

I couldn’t find the information for the no: that highlighted with yellow.
thanks you ^ ^
HI. Welcome to EnglishForward.

Please find the attached links for the BCCS and Siebel jobs (contracts?). I haven't been able to find the information for the item(s) which I have highlighted in yellow. If you know where I can find the missing information, please inform me and I'll add the relevant data.
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OMG, that Great !
thanks you so much. ^^

and since i dont want to spam too much thread. i would like to add my further questions here.

how should i ask?
have you had your lunch or have you eaten your lunch or have you taken your lunch?
how to reply correctly?
someone was asking me "Who's better? , person A or person B"
i want to answer "they are equalvelent, they are both smart, nice and handsome"

Thanks you.
Next time start a new thread, that way more people will read it. People will see your orginal question answered and not bother reading all the posts.

Informal spoken to a friend - Have you had your lunch yet?

Formal - Have you eaten your lunch yet? - This could change depending why you are asking for example if you were about to offer them food. You might ask "Have you eaten anything for lunch yet?"

They are equal, both of them are smart, handsome and nice.
thanks you Dave. really love your answers.
i will make the new thread next time but the thing is, i couldn't think which title to put since all my thread are random Emotion: stick out tongue
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How about 'Please correct'