I have some sentences that I would like to rephrase in order that they don't look casual.
These are:

The stardadized ECG was OK.
The lab was clean, as well as the X-ray of the lungs and general status.
In the family on his mother's side there were heart diseases.
The neurological exam and findings by multiple cardiologists were normal.
The pain in the chest with a normal echocardiography led amongst others to CCTA at father and subsequently son.

Thank you!
I don't understand the last sentence, especially where you say, "...at father..."
Does it mean that because the pain in the chest happened in the presence of a normal electrocardiogram, the doctors performed a CCTA on the father and son to check them?
In the second sentence, what is meant by "general status"? General status of what?

The standardized ECG was good.
The lab was clean, as was the X-ray of the lungs.
Heart disease exists on the mother's side.
The neurological exams and findings of various cardiologists were deemed normal.