Let's assume that we have a city traffic situation. My car is going on the right side of a road and I want to drive my car to the left side or just alter my position from the right to the left side. How would we say it when we want to change the place of lane where you drive the car? There should be a certain expression.


If you mean that you want to continue driving in the same direction, Say 'I want to change lanes'.

Yes, thank you! Emotion: smile
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And yes, what is merging?
When more than one lane of traffic has to narrow down to fewer lanes, you merge. If you are on an on-ramp onto the highway, eventually that lane ends, so you have to merge over.
Thank you. "Merge over" is quite confusing me. Could you please explain it more comprehensively?
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The use of "over" was redundant.

When you have two lanes converging into one lane, the cars in the lane that is going away must merge with the lane that remains.
thank you, I got it now Emotion: smile