Imagine this situatuion, wherein which i had chance to meet a person in thechatpage.com. But we both are from different countries, and we never saw each other in thechatpage.com, because of the reason that, we both are from different places with huge time difference (say when he comes to online, ,might be a night time for me). So we never met each other.

I m shortage of vocabulary for this. How short i can say this.?

Can i say like "We never got a chance to meet each other, as we both are differnet countries" ?

I dont think, the above one conveys what i want to..
"We never got a chance to meet each other because we are in different time zones" would be acceptable. I am in the Eastern time zone, UTC-05.
let me try to make this shorter:
We never met each other before due to the time difference.