Dear teachers,

Could you possibly help me say the years correctly?
Is it correct if I say these?

2010: Two thousand ten/twenty ten
2011:Two thousand eleven/twenty eleven
2020: Two thousand twenty/twenty twenty

Thank you in asvance
The answer to your question is indetermined. People have been debating this since 2001, whether or not to call it twenty-oh-one or 2 thousand one. Even though 2010 is coming soon, it is still somewhat unclear whether the English speaking world will tend to call it twenty ten or two thousand ten. 

I have heard many references to later future dates such as 2036, and 2029, and even 2013 or 2014 where the twenty thirty six, twenty twenty nine, twenty thirteen etc. model has been used by the media and by the general public. So it is likely that after 2020 people will switch to the twenty model.

But between 2010 and 2019 I think you will see a mix. 

I personally think we should start saying it at 2010, as twenty-ten, but there are many different opinons. Others suggest switching at other dates. On the other hand, it seems clear that a switch will take place, just not sure exactly when.

Hope you find this to be useful information.

Great question!

Thank you Mschufman,
On the media such as VOA ( Voice of America) I often hear they say 2001 , 2002 as two thousand one ,two thousand two...
Best wishes
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

The year 1901 is pronounced "nineteen-o-one"...therefore the year 2001, should be pronounced "twenty-o-one". The year 1983 is pronounced "nineteen eighty three"...the same would follow years in the 21st century.

We do not pronounce 1965 as One thousand nine hundred and sixty five...why on earth do people do it for years in the 21st century. Absolute nonsense.