dear sir,

Hello, I'm susant from india. I'm keen to speak good & fluently english. Please help & suggestion me how I'm able to perfect in spoken english?

Thanking you & looking forward to your answer.

With warm regard

susant mishra.
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hi susant,
nice to know that u r eager to speak good and fluent english.
mu suggestions to u will be:

1) Speak in english whenever possible: the best way to speak fluent english is to talk in English at every given opportunity ie try to use english to the maximum extent possible when in conversation with ur friends, colleauges etc.
2) watch english programmes on BBC, Discovery and our very own news channels like NDTV, Headlines Today etc
3) Make it a habit of reading english magazines, not only will it help ur english but will also improve ur general knowledge!!

i wish u all the very best in learning the beautiful language called English

How to Speek in English?

First we want to about Basic grammer.

After learn in vocabulary words,

Lishing in English News dail.

Do you speek be pould tru or fals

After we will corrct automatically.
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i dont know how to use noun and pronoun in the sentense,and i dont know how to use adjective,adverd and other used for making grammar,pls teach me how to use that in grammar
Hello Anon

Please read some grammar books and then ask us what you cannot understand.

now.. we have alots of english lesosn. english lesson is our universal languages.. well... thTz is soO eazy!
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A noun is a person, a place, a thing, or an idea.

Examples of nouns: dog, John, Europe, racism.

A pronoun takes the place of a noun.

Examples of pronouns: it, she, he, they.

A verb is an action; something somebody does.

Example: He runs.

"runs" is what "he" does, so the verb in this sentence is "runs."

An adjective describes a noun.

Examples: A red dress.

The word "red" describes the dress; therefore, it is an adjective.

Words like "a," "an," "some," "the," and "several" are also adjectives, but most people forget that.

An adverb describes a verb.

Examples: He closed the door quickly.

"quickly" describes HOW he closed the door; therefore, it is an adverb.

Adverbs describe how something is done, when, and where.

Many adverbs end in "-ly" like loudly, quietly, quickly, and so on.

Hope this helped,

Ha ha ha ha ha
Dear sir ,

hello I'm imran from india i hav seen n read the sumof the pages and i thought y m not taking this advantage believe me m going to express all my loop holes in this letter i ll be very thankfull to u if u provide me the relavent information which m desperately waitng .

Sir ,

m having problem how to speak good english i can speak good but i need improve myself in all aspect like grammer part ,how to start ,when to give a pause,belive me i can speak good if m talking to sumone one to one i can speak very good but i cant speak properly wen m given sum presentation all of a sudden it seems i dnt no anythng about english wen start with a confidence suddenly wen face all of them m very nervous on that time i felt very bad it shows i doesnt speak good english sum of them think i cant speak english and believe me sir i felt ther is no blood in my body and u can imagine wen ther is no blood in body how all the function works out especially ur heart ,same things happenings to me so please try to do sumthing i need ur weightages suggestion so it makes some not some but most of my problems to be solved ........

Thanking you

and looking forword to ur reply desperately

warm regards

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