Lose Weight. Body weight can be a major reason for knee suffering. If a person is 20 pounds overweight, that is an additional 120 pounds that his knee has to carry around because for every pound a person weighs, the stress on the knee is multiplied by the number 6.
Rub a soothing lotion over the knees. There are various liniment lotions such as wintergreen lotions that produce heat. Applying heat to the knee can relieve knee pain. You can also wrap the knee in plastic after applying the lotion to cause the liniment to have a more heated effect.
Take an over the counter painkiller that will not only reduce inflammation but also provide pain relief.
Strengthen the Knee with exercise. Building up the muscles is vital to knee health. Your knees are the supporting structures. Do exercises that will not cause greater stress on the knees. Try walking often instead of running. If you're a dedicated runner, try running on a softer running surface. Concrete is the hardest surface of all and should be avoided.
Buy good walking or running shoes.
Rest when experiencing knee pain.
Elevate your legs when experiencing knee pain.
Apply ice firmly 1-2 times daily when experiencing knee pain.
I have a question that not one doctor could answer for me. My knee been hurting me ever since i was 7 years old. Now that I am 21 years old it seems to only hurt if its going to rain, is raining or fog is in the air. They took xrays and everything but they say theres nothing wrong. If theres nothing wrong Why does my knee cap shift on its own everytime and i mean its really painful??????? is there something i can do to stop this from happening or something to just stop the pain until it stops raining?????? I try ice but it only makes it hurt way worst. heat makes it hurt more too. idk what to do.
I too am a knee pain sufferer from way back when. Knee pain is not really a doctor's area of expertise as is also the case with a lot of musculoskeletal pain. Best first port of call for me is always a good podiatrist. I wear orthotics now and they have helped tremendously with knee pain along with knee exercises that the podiatrist demonstrated to me and which are quick and easy to do anywhere. We say podiatrist in Australia. I have no idea what the term is in America, but in Britain I think the term is chiropodist. They are health care professionals who understand a lot about, not just feet, but legs too.