Which of the following can be the appropriate title of the passage?

A. Flying Kites in Bad Weather.

B. How to Make a Kite.

C. How to Collect Electricity.

D. The Key to Success.

Colorful kites are a common sight inChinain the spring. Kites have also played an important part in the history of science. In the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin did a number of experiments in which he showed what electricity was and how it could be used. Here is how he described one of his experiments in his diary.

“In June 1752, I wanted to show that electricity and lightning are the same. I built a strong kite and waited for bad weather. When the first thunderstorm came, I took my kite and a condenser on a walk in the fields. The kite flew high in the rainy sky, but nothing happened. I was beginning to think that the experiment would not work. Just then, I saw some of the hairs on the string stand up. The string was getting charged ! I brought my finger close to the sky, and felt a light but very clear electric shock. Others followed even before the whole string was wet, and I was able to collect and store a great of electricity into the condenser. This experiment proves my idea true”.

This is how the kite was made. First you build the frame of the kite by making a small cross of two pieces light wood. Tie the corners of the handkerchief to the points of the cross. And then add a tail to the frame and tie a long string to the cross so you can control the kite.

The next three steps are very important. First, fix a very sharp piece of metal, pointing a foot or more above the frame, to the top of the longest stick of the cross. Second, fasten a key to the end of the long string. Third, tie silk ribbon to the string, just above the key. This ribbon, which must not get wet, will protect you from the electricity.

Fly your kite when a thunderstorm appears to be coming on. Stand inside a door or under some cover, so that the silk ribbon does not get wet. You can collect and store the electricity with the condenser and use it for other experiments.

First, what do you think? Why?

Sounds to me a lot like

Miscellaneous Thoughts on How to Commit Suicide with Lightning.

Emotion: smile

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What about D?

D is a pun, of course. Do you realize that? It's as good a choice as any of the others, and better if you value humour. None of the others really sum up the article properly.


The Key to Success

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C. How to Collect Electricity.