Dear all,

I have been looking on internet and dictionaries but I cannot find a translation for the czech word "stojka" it is crazy, I even don´t know how we sayit in italian language!

I have found "handstand" but I am not sure it is the proper word.

I explain what I mean:

Stand is made of many panels. Between each panel there is a "stojka" which is long metal bar. I need to find the correct word without saying only "metal bar" which is very generic.

Are you able to give me a name for this? Maybe some of you is expert in constructions.....

Thank you

Well you can also say as Strut
"Bracing bar," is a term that can apply to just about anywhere there is a metal bar, since what else is the bar there for but to provide bracing?
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Hi anonymous,

do you have experience in constructions? I looked for this word and I am not sure that it is the correct one... I found also "metal frame" does it work?