Woud you please help me make the following sentence grammatically correct? Also, I've always been confusing of how to use "follow-up." Would you give me some sample sentences with "follow-up" included? Thank you much for your help.

"I hope you had a Memorial Day weekend. I just wanted to follow up on our request regarding a SP estival. Please let us know if you have had a chance to forward our email to an appropriate person or if we need to contact different person."

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I just wanted to follow up with you about my/your donation.

the vendor is following up with us on regular basis.

that is correct sentence

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Nhi83 Thank you Grammar Geek for you help.

It was BarbaraPA who helped you—not Grammar Geek.

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The vendor is following up with us on a regular basis.

That is a correct sentence.

It wasn't, but it is now.

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