Let me give you some examples.

1. He begins with an overview of the actual publishing of the newsletter from instigation to mailing.
2. For information relevant to purchasing of IT equipment please select one of the links on the left.
3. Most scholars say that the feet must be covered with socks and shoes although a few scholars allow the wearing of sandals.

4. I've put together some online utilities to help processing of beacon logfiles.
5. You could be a Maintenance Technician responsible for servicing of vehicles.
6. Thus, ensuring of security and reliability over advanced information and telecommunications networks is a foundation for building the world's most advanced IT nation
7. The DVD comes along with a making of the restoration.

So my questions are,

A. In what cases do you put "THE" before gerunds? or "A" or nothing at all? What are the relevant grammatical rules? Some examples, please?
A-1. From what I learned in school, if you wanted to use "-ing + of," you had to put "THE" before the gerund, but apparently there can be exceptions as shown above.
B. Are the articles before the gerunds necessary for the sentences 1,3,7? Can you do without them?
C. Is putting "OF" after the gerund the only way to convey the same meanings as the above sentences? For example, I would think that the "OF"s in sentences, 2,4,5,6 are not really necessary. And if they are not, then why put them there?

I know these are too many questions to be asked at once, but it would be much appreciated if anyone can help me resolve this curiousity of mine that has been bothering me for the last 5 years!

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