Hello Teachers,

Shall we use idioms and phrases in formal writing? My understanding is they should be used only in spoken form.
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I'm no teacher, but I think that it is always a good idea (no matter if written or spoken) to use idioms as they make your English sound more professional!!!

That's what university professors always claim to do!

Greetings !!
Thanks, VES. Is it common in both AmE and BrE?
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Hi Krtish,

I think it depends on both the idiom and the degree of formality you are trying to achieve. Some idioms are clearly informal and/or unsuitable, some are not. My feeling is you'd have to look at each case on an individual basis. In other words, you can't make a rule about this.

Best wishes, Clive
Makes sense, Clive. For example,in an intra-department email at a company, will it make sense if I write 'When pigs fly!' instead of the word 'impossible/never'.
Only if you don't mind sounding cheeky!
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So, it is rude to use this phrase. Right, Nona the brit?

So, it is rude to use this phrase. Well, not necessarily rude. I'd prefer to say, 'inappropriate in a busines setting'.

Best wishes again, Clive
Got it, Clive.
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