Hi everybody,

I learn a lot of words each day as part of improving my english vocabulary.Now, i know a lot words and even trying to learn new ones.
But, my real problem is How to use these newly learned words in our conversations,letters,etc.Though we may be familiar with the meanings of the words, the words usually don't come when we actually write some letters,etc.
So,is there any way to tackle this problem?

Thanks in advance,
Start by writing sentences with the new words. Have your teacher check them.
(If the word is a verb, be sure to include examples in more than one tense.)

Latin's suggestions are very good.

A word doesn't fix in your brain unless you use it several times, for ex. making a dozen of sentences with that word, so that this word will go directly to your unconsciuos mind. There it is where the words come to your conversation or writings without noticing the process. If you only know the meaning of a word and a couple of examples yuo will have to make a conscious effort to incorporate it to your conversation.
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