Hi, there! can you tell me what are diffrencences between no and not, and how to use no and not in a sentence. thanks
"No" is pretty simple. It modifes most nouns and gerunds (gerunds are "-ing" verb forms which function like nouns (for example, "No smoking is allowed here")).
"Not" does most of the dirty work, being used on adjectives, adverbs, quantifier nouns like "much" or "any" ("no soup" vs. "not much soup"), and all verb forms except gerunds.
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Not means Not

No means not a / not any

I am giving sone examples

1.This is not a competition.

and we can say..

This is no competition

2. he is not in a condition to go to work.

He is in no condition to go to work.

one more example

any man cannot bear this.

No man can bear this .

There is not any doubt in this

there is no doubt in this
Thanks alot rsharma, now i know about no and not Emotion: smile
Ashwani, thanks alot for clearing about no and not, your explanation opened my eyes about no and not[Y]
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Good question, and the answer is not overly simple, but I will try to give you some good examples.

First, NOT is always an adverb, which means that it can modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. Here are some examples:

1. She is not friendly. (NOT modifies the advective "friendly.")

2. She is not going to that program. (NOT modifies the verb "is going.")

3. She is not very friendly. (NOT modifies the adverb "very.")

Here are some additional examples:

1. She is NOT only smart but also clever.

2. They did NOT meet the requirements for the job.

3. The color of the wall is NOT as dark as I thought it would be.

4. NOT all of the applicants passed the test.

Second, the word NO can be either an adverb or an adjective. Look at these examples:

1. That neighbor is NO friend of mine. (adjective)

2. NO child will be left behind. (adjective)

3. NO tax money was spent on the project. (adjective)

4. NO, I am not going with you. (adverb)

5. She said NO more about the project after I left. (adverb)

6. That solution is NO better than the old one. (adverb)

Hope this is of help.
Thanks alot for your explanation and the examples, they make it much clearer now.
Not i, said the boy./ Not Ashok, said the boy.
Not i went to school./ Not Ashok went to school.
Here is the both sentence correct ? Please explain these sentence.
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No and not almost means the same but it makes a great difference when used in a sentence.Lets see how to use it.
When to use no:
1) When the sentence starts with There is no ink in this pen.
There are no mangoes on the tree.
2)She has no brothers.
He has no friends.
It has no tail.
3)We have no work.
You have no book.
They have no help from any where.
He is not a teacher ,he is a student.

She is not a child ,she is a lady

It is not a flower,it is a fruit.

You are not a girl,you are a boy.

We are not brothers,we are friends.

They are not workers,they are officers.
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