hi all, I dont know when and how to use "such as" can anybody explain me with some examples please

thank you.


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You can use it as the synonym of the 'for example' expression: They provided electronic equipment such as computers, printers, monitors and cameras for the new office.

Such as used when giving an example of something:

E.g: Cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Snoopy are still popular.

Large electrical goods such as television sets and washing machines.


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Hello there,

Your English is excited to me but I have one question about to use such as, do I have to put " ; " before and end with " , " at such as. For example, They provided electronic equipment; such as, computers, printers, monitors and cameras for the new office.

Thank you very much|
eg They provided electronic equipment for the new office, such as computers, printers, monitors and cameras.

I hope you realize that 'such as' is used to give examples, not a complete list.

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