What is the definition of "apparently"? Could someone gives me some sentence using the word "apparently" so that I can have a better idea?
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apparently word is basicly an adjective
which means clear. seen.
sentence like..
1. Apperently she disclosed the hand written notes on the topic.
2. his apparent wealth can be calculate through his life style.
however if one could suggest some more correct sentences kindly post.
apparently word is basicly an adjective

apparently is an adverb.
apparent is an adjective.

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Clive has done a good job.

Many words can be used sarcastically. Not just 'apparently'.

I would say you could use it sarcastically in a sentence.

After getting in a car wreck

"Apparently, you know how to drive."
Apparently = According to what you have heard or read
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Apparently has so many meanings (that differ from each other) that I find it APPARENTLY difficult to use it, can somebody explain it to me on my email Email Removed

I suggest you try to write and post some sentences using the word, so that we can check them for you.

Couldn't 'apparently' be replaced with "It appears to me that..."?
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Yes, although one or the other may sound better depending on the context.

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