Though "therein" is considered to be a formal word, I think it is still useful in the context of academic writing.

In the following sentence, what I need to tell is because different people have different talents, there lives are significantly different. I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me whether the usage of "therein" in the following sentence is correct or not.

Different people have different talents, thereby changing their lives significantly.


You are asking about therein, but your example uses thereby.

Please clarify.

dileepaDifferent people have different talents, thereby changing their lives significantly.

This is not going to work either with 'therein' or with 'thereby'.

The participle clause "changing their lives significantly" has an implicit subject of "different people", so it says "Different people change their lives significantly". That can't be understood as a result of "Different people have different talents".

I am not sure what you are trying to say. It seems that it could be this:

Different people have different talents, so different people have different lives.
~ The talents a person has will determine the life he has.
~ The life you have depends on your talents.


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A great many sentences begin with "Therein lies", and that's a reference to something said previously. It means "In that statement we can see ..."

In Americas poorer areas ... families with [computers and internet connections] are few and far between. Therein lies one of the most troubling aspects of the emerging information age. In an era in which success is increasingly identified with the ability to use computers ..., will the new technology only widen the gap between rich and poor, educated and uneducated, ...?— Time

therein can also mean "in it" or "in them", where the referent of "it" or "them" is mentioned earlier:

By 2014 this government and the usual suspects therein may well be replaced. (therein = in it = in this government)

Why do we have temples, and why do we consider the work done therein to be sacred? (therein = in them = in temples)

"therein" verges on being archaic. It's very formal. Use it sparingly.


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Sorry for the inconvenience. In actual fact, it was a mistake as I needed ask about "thereby" not "therein".

Thank you very much for the answer.

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Thank you very much for the answer. The phrase "therein lies" look as though a really helpful phrases as I think it would be an excellent alternative to some expressions such as "therefore, hence and thus"