my boss asked me to write a letter to suspend some employee i want to be respectful in wording while writing the letter

can u plz tell me how should i start letter in english ???
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Hello noname, and welcome to the forums.

As you will learn if you come here again, we don't write letters for people - we just help correct what they write themselves. On a letter of such sensitivity, I would strongly suggest that you contact your human resources department for guidance.
ok can u plz correct this letter i wrote

"As Company's present condition is already in your knowledge so with due respect i would like to ask you to manage yourseld till 31st july 2007"

plz correct my letter if wording is not professional

i just need to write 2 or 3 lines as boss said 3 lines wud be enough
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This isn't suspending someone?
Nona The BritThis isn't suspending someone?
it is but i have not used suspention word as i want to be a bit polite can u plz help me which word i shud use instead of "suspend"
How is it suspending them?

Suspension means that they are to stop working. Your message says the person is to "manage" themself..

Surely this is something your boss should write.
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If you tell someone to manage themselves, I would think it would mean the real manager was going to be on an extended leave for some reason and he needed to just take care of things himself without relying on his boss.

You REALLY need to work with your human resources department to write this. If you state it the wrong way, the person could legitimately have a reason to complain because what you wrote is not necessarily what you meant.
If you are suspending someone there is nothing 'impolite' about using the word suspension. It's simply the correct word for the action being undertaken and it is used in this situation by companies. You shouldn't attempt to use another word as that would simply be confusing and, frankly, silly. You need to be as clear and business-like as possible, and just state the facts. Your letter is just hints and vague comments. They need to be told that they are suspended, the date they are suspended from, and why they are being suspended - 'you know why' is simply not good enough. They also need to be told how long the suspension is in place for and how they can appeal against the decision/what investigation is being undertaken, etc. They also need to be informed about what is happening with their salary during the suspension. There may be other local legal requirements. If I got a letter like yours I'd a) be very confused and b) sue the company once I'd worked out what you meant.

Are you clear about what a suspension actually is? When someone is suspended they are still employed by the company, usually still get paid, but they don't come into work, and it's normally for some sort of disciplinary or investigation purpose.

It has nothing to do with being asked to work without a manager.
hmmmmm now i get it

thanks everybody 4 the helpEmotion: smile
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