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In Aussie I would say use

"Tuesday 5th, June"

The main thing is that you say the "the" and "Of" you just don't write it. BTW do what you think is right.

Hope it helps,

Anyomous Bookworm
Goodness, why can't we have standards on this planet?
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There is international standard of writing full date in numerical form. There is no international standard of writing date with spelled out month or weekdays since it each language will spell them differently. There is no standard for writing date without year (month and date only).
The international standard of writing date in numerical form is ISO 8601, which will write date in format like 2013-02-28 or 20130218.
I've also seen 2006.4.22 on blogs or online articles. It is used in East Asia and some countries in Europe. It is called standard Internet format.
is it correct to only write "Tuesday 5th"?
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I want to know how i write the date in Short letters
AnonymousShort letters
What are short letters?

September 1, 2016