Hey, i'm writing a formal letter to the embassy of Australia for a Honors International Studies class. i just need a set up on how to write it . This is wat i think im suppose to do just correct me if im wrong.

my address
zip code


name of ambassador
embassy address
zip code

Dear Sir

I'm looking for information about your country etc etc .

Yours truly,
Mrs. Guest

Obviously it will be longer lol. but i just wasntnt sure to double space after sentences or paragraphs cause im looking at this one and its after every sentence and i didnt know if he was just tring to keep it short or really double spacing after every sentence.

Thanks for your Help =)
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Dear Mrs. Guest,

I encourage you to register though it is not required.

As far as spacing is concerned, I would single space my sentences and I would leave a space between paragraphs. This is only a letter, not a manuscript. So it is no big deal either way.

I would encourage you to only ask questions that cannot be answered through other means. My guess is that most of the information about Australia is available on the Internet somewhere. People get upset if they believe you are passing your work onto them. But you are taking an International Honors Class, so I trust you have exhausted the normal sources of information.

Everything else seems fine, with the exception that you need a colon after Dear Sir. As a matter of personal style, I tend to avoid contractions in formal letters. I use "I am looking" as opposed to "I'm looking". To me, the latter seems a bit lazy. But that is just personal style.

Good luck.

Thanks MountainHiker, I registered and posted what i have so far and just asked a few basic question. I did ask my teacher why we had to write the letter when we can get most of the information in the internet and he just said it added to our portfolio at the end of the year.
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Take my post and show it to your teacher.

His request to his students to bombard an embassy official with useless requests for information is very rude. And that is being polite.

If you saw this letter as an example of a person's "portfolio" would you even want to see the rest? Not me. This person is lazy, of no value.

Sorry I can't be more positive, but I think your International Class, Honors no less, is being extremely rude by asking embassy officials for very basic information. And what's worse, you don't even care about the answers that the embassy official might provide. You simply want to have another letter in your portfolio.

I am not sure what else there is to say. Shameful. Yes, that works.

Hello .. I will give you some help in writing your letter ..

I'm going to tell you how to write a very formal letter..

You should write your address right aligned in the top of the page..

after you finish writing your address skip one line and write the date also right aligned on the page..

next you should skip 1 line and then write the sendee's address .. in other words the person who you want to send to..

after that skip 1 line and write your greetin with no indention .. and since you dont know who you are senting to just write " Dear sir or madam, (dont forget the comma)

then skip another line and start writing your paragraphs .. and there is no indention too .. dont forget to skip 1 line between each paragraph..

when you finish writing your paragraphs skip 1 line and write " Yours sincerely, " or " Yours faithfully " .. but dont write something not formal .. like best wishes or other stuff ..

then skip 1 line and write your name..

dont forget that there should be left and write margins and there are no indentions through out the letter ...
if dealing with an ambassador or high commissioner, always refer to them as "your excellency"
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complaint letter to police about neighbour's dog problems
could u give me some help lol? im writing a letter to a school i will be going to and they sent me a leaflet saying they want to know a bit about me so far i think my letter sounds to formal what should i do?

Post it here and let us have a look at it.

best wishes, Clive
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