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KamaI fall in love with a beautiful girl and she loves me too,I think.....
I wanna write her a love letter.......
but I don't know how to write a love letter in English.....
what should I say in the letter ,please ???
Dear MountainHiker,

i love a guy whom i met 6 months ago when he was here for overseas duty, he was here just for two weeks then back to another country where he lives. i think he has the same feeling about me that we still keep in touch by email since he went back to another country, but i am in doubt because he's very polite or what.. he never told me his feeling like I LOVE YOU. i am still confused to describe my feeling to him, and i am not sure that my english good to say some polite words like he has, his steps have been really slowly that i cant be patient no more. So by email which we sent eachday like a letter, i wish i can tell him without making him affraid. How to still be polite writing such a letter but i can let him know what i feel about him, such how to start the words...i usually wrote Hi..(his name) or Hi dear or Dear..(his name), which one is the most suitable one? or Is there any other suggestion?

Just a Girl
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plz help me....

Just a Girl
HI kama

It is wonderfull that you have found a person who has taken your heart. Treasure it and nuture it. Good Luck.

Here are some tips which I have used myself (of course, she is my wife now for over 20years).

1) Letters of a kind involving the character, or containing secrets of moment to others, should be destroyed. It is not just to preserve them, so that they may by any chance fall into strange hands.

2) A letter is the property of its writer. It is private and confidential and should not be thoughtlessly exhibited to others. Of course you have no right to print a letter you have received.

3) All letters should be replied to without delay.

4)No love-letter ever should be typewritten, for obvious reasons.

5) A love-letter is holy to two persons, the writer and the recipient, and its contents should not be a subject for possible gossip or comment by any clerk, amanuensis or stenographer.
Hence a letter that contains loving endearments and personal matters of the heart, which concern only the lover and the loved, always should be in the hand-writing of the sender.

For your ladylove to receive a letter from you that had been spoken to a third party, a stenographer, and then printed on a machine, would be to destroy for her all the romance and charm, all the sentiment and love which your letter might struggle to express. A letter thus written, no matter in how great sincerity it might have been composed, nor how ardent your real feelings and sentiments, would be very apt to meet with a reception at your lady's hands quite the opposite from its "dictator's" desire -- and justly so.

A typewriter is not sufficiently " personal" for use in a love correspondence, even if one operates his own machine, as do many authors and editors nowadays in their preparation of MSS. for publication, and many society ladies, too, in their social, club and friendly correspondence.

So when you write to your adored one, get your forgotten pen and ink, Mr. Businessman, and keep the typist and her writing machine for strictly business letters.

6) Do not write letters with a lead-pencil.

7) Avoid possible grammatical and rhetorical blunders by using short sentences and simple words.

8) Never send an anonymous letter. It is so common a device of sneaks and blackmailers that respectable people cannot afford to rest under the suspicion of it. Never pay any attention to an anonymous letter, or any other form of postal impertinence sent to yourself.


Hi Kama

Congratulations and happy greetings to you. You should be very happy to have found someone who has stolen your heart!,

It is always difficult to write love letters without some situational background because every circumstance is different. But the good news is, you are on the right track. Love letters are the best way to overcome any relationship situation (and I have used them -- I am not always an angel too Emotion: smile ) - for apology, attracting a new love and even rekindling an old love.

So, here are some pointers :-
  1. Write from your own heart. It does not matter if the English is a little off. Your friend will understand.
  2. Treat her as an equal. i.e. write about how fortunate you are to have found her and that you are the luckiest guyin the world that she has accepted your friendship. By the way, be a friend first before being a lover. Successful relationships are firmly grounded on friendships, above all else.
  3. Say how much she means to you. Don't be general. Pick a specific day where you felt that she had done something which made you happy. Tell that story to her. Let her know that you remember those special moments.
  4. End it with something you would like to do together in a day or two. Be specific. Generalisation is often taken as flattery, which should be avoided at all costs.
If you are really desperate, try looking for sample letters on the internet. Please do not copy word for word. Use it as an example, as a base to start your letter.

I am very happy for you. It is always nice to see people in love. We need more love in this world. Good luck!

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I don't know what I supposed to tell the girl I fall in love today.
i want to write a love letter in english and send to girl friend plz send back to me how to write love letter
plese infom
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Maybe use some of the examples off this site to tell her you love her? These could be copied and used for that. Emotion: smile

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