Dear friends and valued teachers,

I would like to ask a question.
I am going to write a Ph.D. proposal soon.
I wonder how the proposal should be structured.
I have found some exampls on google but
I would like to ask this group about this particular structure
since there are experts here.
Therefore, I would like to ask the teachers or anyone who has any idea about
how to write a Ph.D proposal.
-How should I structure it?
- What should be taken into account?
- How long does it have to be?
And all relevant issues regarding the writing of a Ph.D. proposal.
Thank you in advance,
With Kind Regards,
Dear friends,

I am about to write a ph. d proposl in linguistics or a related field. However, I still don't know how to start and what to do. please refer me to samples of proposals in this area with specific details on how to start.

With Thanks

Don't people who are working on a Ph.D. have an advisor? I would talk to my advisor first, who can answer these questions better than we can. Your school may have a specific style, or your advisor may want to see things in a certain way, and it is best to know that, rather than using general information.
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I couldn't agree more! Get as much specific information as you can from an advisor, from other professors (if you don't have an advisor yet), and perhaps from advanced students who have had their proposals approved. Does the particular academic department put out any information on what is required? Also, there may be manuals that cover formats for various types of academic writing in your academic area. And it's possible that a professional organization in your field will have guidelines for proposals and other writing.

Academic writing is different from general writing, and you need the right specific guidelines. Otherwise, I think you will be frustrated and waste a lot of time.
Dear friends,
Id like us to help me to write a ph.d proposal about the production of bacitracin as an antibiotic.
Thank you for your kindly cooeration....


this looks useful, also if you are doing your MA your supervisor will provide advice on your PhD proposal
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Dear friend,
the PHD proposal must contain the following parts
1. Introduction
2. Justification of choice of area; statement of the problem
3. Research aims and objectives
4. Methodology and/or academic approach
5. References

Normally the proposal is 5-8 pages long more or less.
i wanted to write on mathematical modeling of hiv/aids
firt step is ( position ) talk about the position now.

second step is (problem ) what is the problem

the third step is ( possibilities) there are maybe three,four possibilities try to mention them all

the last step is (proposal) which is the best possibilty among the others.

Mustafa Altrablsi
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