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Providing a Two-wheeler for Siva Perumal, Asst.Bridge Engineer.

Dear Mr [surname],
Please permit the use of a two-wheeler for Mr. Siva Perumal, Assistant Bridge Engineer, effective January 1st. The charge will be included in the monthly invoice from January 2009.

This is for your information.
Respected sir,

I would like to inform you that as per conversation with you regarding my designation for center manager at Mehsana-RTC. I have joined Mehsana center on 22/09/2008 as center manager but still I did not get any conformation & also I have completed sixteen month with VETA so I want my appointment latter in this month because daily up down is very difficult for me. I will prove my level best for .


Nisha Chandel

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Dear Mr [surname],

As per conversation regarding my designation as Center Manager at Mehsana-RTC: I joined Mehsana Center on 22/09/2008 as Center Manager, but I have still received no confirmation. Also, I have completed sixteen months with VETA, so I need my appointment letter this month.

Thank you very much for your time and trouble.

Sincerely yours,

Nisha Chandel

latter for sam amount reqtust
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from; D B Das

technision gr. 1st



sub ; grant me locker

respected sir, i'm servicing your company for last six month as a technisioan gr1st. i have no locker. so, please give me a single locker.

yours sincerly,

D B Das
Dear Mr [surname],

I have been servicing your company for the last six months as a Technician Grade 1.
I have no locker, so would you please assign me a single locker?

Yours sincerely,

D B Das

Technician Grade 1
dear sire. kindly send me your qutation fore the following items a.porclain tiles b.porcalan ceramic beast regared osasma
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Bank of Maldives plc.
Main Branch.
Street name, city name,
Male' ,Maldives

Dear Sir/Madam

Request for Transfer Money from Onwed Account.

I Mr.Ahmed Ahmed kindly request to transfer money with the amount of USD 1,000/- (One Thousand Only ) from A\c no: 7705-183494-001 to 7706-151294-201 account.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Ahmed Ahmed
Account Holder
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