in the past I have seen and used the form (examples) 4th of April 2005 (UK), April 4, 2005 (US)

now I keep seeing a mix of these (example: April 4th) and on a Styles guide the form 4 Aprli 2005

Which is the correct way?

Marcello Sani
Hello, Sani, welcome to the English Forums...
I'll move your post to "General English grammar questions", you'll be more likely to get answers there...

The Us way is to list the month then the day.

the BRe way is to list the day then the month.

Other than that, there is no absolute 'correct' style, it is a case of personal preference.

So, in BrE all of these are acceptable

4 July 2005
4th July 2005
4th of July 2005 (not the most common option though)
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Many thanks for your answer
beeing a kind of (sick) perfectionist let me ask again:

which is the traditional standard english (UK & US) way of writing Dates (there must be one, or not?)?
and second
is there a (new) trend that changes these ways of writing?

Marcello Sani

(native language Italian, Swiss citizen)
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In BrE

The traditional version include the st, nd, th with the number but the modern version does not.