The word apathy? I'm not even sure how do you spell it. How is it spelled as a noun, and how is it being spelled as an adjective.
Can anyone help?

For example: I'm sorry to break this to you, but you're an apathic person?
Another example: You project apathy?
Adj: apathetic
How do you pronounce it? It kinda sounds like pathethic when I say it oud loud.
Is it pronounced like : apa-te-tic
Or you need to vocalize the 'th' as in apa-TH-etic
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Pronunciation: |ap|thed.ik, -etik, -k
Sorry, I didn't understand what you wrote in there...is it ApaTHetic like therapy(With the T & H being vocalized) or are the T and H pronounced like in this or/and ''the'.
Thank you Emotion: smile
Or you need to vocalize the 'th' as in apa-TH-etic - yes.

It is also TH in apathy.
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Nona, I'm beginning to really like you. Emotion: smile
You're a bliss!
(or blessing?)
Either way, thank you so much once again...