I noticed there is a pronounciation section for every word in the dictionary. But I don't know how to pronounce it when I see those weird letters. Some of them are not even belong to A-Z 26 letters. Where can I find some more information on these letters?

Here is an example;

The word "VASE" in the dictionary

Pronunciation: US oftenest 'vAs; Canad usually and US also 'vAz; Britain usually, Canadian also, and US sometimes 'väz

Can someone tell me what is this letter "ä"? How does it pronounce? There are more of those types of letters. I want to learn to know them

Please help.

Look in the introductory pages of the dictionary for the explanation of the phonetic symbols,
So vase should pronounce the "a" as the "a" in father?
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Hi Discusman,
So vase should pronounce the "a" as the "a" in father?