hi, I have one thing to ask. I want to know how I can get over voca confusion.

I think english has so many words than any other language. for example, like I said before, what's the difference between voca (I forgot spellings) and words? and another things like these things....

raise, rise,

reduce, decreace, go down,

great nice amazing increadible

purchace, buy

connect, contact a lot more........

I know there even slight difference but can't find it out especially in the context, or when I try speaking.

this kind of confusion is mainly one of the reason why I can't speak english fluently.

writing on the net is fine because I can look up dictionary while I write. but speaking in front of many people I'm frozen upEmotion: sad

do you have any suggestion to get over this problem and become flunt english speaker?
Hello, ha ha ha - and welcome to English Forums.

One of your problems seems to be that you have difficulty concentrating on one problem or concern at a time. Your post is a rambling, disorganized complaint about many problems. You need to focus on one specific question with each post, and if you ask us it, we will try to answer. I will answer your first question:

The word is 'vocabulary', which is a collection of words.
Speaking and writing are different skills. One might be good at one and not good at the other.

Speaking English fluently is not a one-day job. It takes years for learners to achieve that level of fluency.

To obtain a better command of speaking, you have to simply speak more.

Confusing words are always present in every languages. You do not need to memorize the differences between words, you have to be able to distinguish them intuitively. To achieve such purpose, you have dedicate yourself to extensive reading and expose yourself to authuetic English sopken by native speakers. English movies and songs have always been good sources for English Learners.

Good Luck
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