Hello everybody, my name is Atitaya, means the sun, not hot (I like to stay behind cloud). Here look like an enjoyable place for spending our free time. Emotion: smile We can meet many different people and can share experiences together. Here, I have an enjoyable idea for everybody.Emotion: surprise

Let we share some narration of our world at this time together. It could be about weather or any sittuation in your country or location you are living now. Then, we all could feel closed to each other, maybe, let's try.Emotion: wink Emotion: starEmotion: stormEmotion: moneyEmotion: snailEmotion: batEmotion: dogEmotion: cat[bah]
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Hey Atitaya..first of all: Welcome here Emotion: smile

Today is a sunny and warm day here in my place! Everybody seems to be happy...and we have finally a President of the Republic (Giorgio Napolitano)

Unfortunately I have to study..I'll have an exam in 2 days Emotion: sad

At this time in evening, my place is cool after a heavy rainEmotion: storm a few hours before. Very loud noise of many thunders, hardly ever here like this before. I wonder how is the weather in other country around the world. Now, around the house become flood but soon it will be dry. Actually, this time is still a summer season but now a days weather is changing. Emotion: sad One week is so hot then rain, so hot then rain. I think about 4-5 years before, summer means summer and rain come only 2 days and never come untill late of May. The weather is not honest now.Emotion: ick! Anyhow, I like it rain.

Now, in the sky is full of the dark rainy clouds, the weather is moist. Trees are clean and green all. Air is also clean without exhaust smoke. It makes people feel cool not moody like in the hot days. Here is hot about 35 degree celsius.Emotion: smile
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Heh! Francesa, You posted faster than me. I feel warm and imagine that at your place is very bright sky today. I feel like I was there now, very happy.Emotion: smile Let's cheer your new president. It's good that finally got but in my country is still having election again, first become canceled.

Hope you succeed in your study and get very good marks. After 2 days meet you.Emotion: smile
We should be heading into winter at this time of year, yet still the weather is beautiful sunny and warm day after day. It is too lovely to be inside on the computer.
Hi Robyn, Emotion: smileWhat is the period of any season in Australia? In my country is just finished the hot days and starting rainy now and it will take untill the middle of October then this time will be the most beautiful weather after that winter just starting. So I wonder your country is heading to winter this time. I understand that it because of the difference of the latitude of place. But it really feel different when I know that yours is going to be winter.Emotion: surprise
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Today has been a marvellous sunny day!!Finally,here in Italy,summer is coming!! Emotion: big smile No more coats,or gloves,or jumpers to wear for the next six months!! [H]
Right Nyla...I was on the beach today at lunch, I am tanned now...and this month is so amazing: many flowers, good smell, fireflies...I love spring Emotion: smile
I just arrived to Tayif from Jeddah, in Tayif (a city in Saudi Arabia) today it was raining cats and dogs, now it is cloudy, not cold nor hot. very very beautiful weather. But in Jeddah it was dusty and hot.
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