What's your plan?
How's your plan?

If I ask someone 'What's your plan?' I would assume that someone didin't have any plan at the moment, and I am asking what is he going to do. He should answe like this, "I plan to fly to New York, and then I will visit my relative, and then......" If I ask someone 'How's your plan?' it means I already know he has a plan on going, and I am asking how the plan goes. He should answer me like this, "The plan is just fine. " Am I right?

What's your plan for this summer?
How do you plan on spending this summer?
How do you plan for this summer?

Are they the same meaning?

What do you plan to do?
How do you plan to do?

And these?

Thank you in advance.

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Your first question is correct! You understand that well!

The second one...

The first 2 questions are the same, but "How do you plan for this summer?" has a different meaning. That question means, "Which method do you use to plan for this summer?" instead of "What do you have planned to do this summer?"

The last pair of questions...

The first one is right. The second one has a different meaning. It's actually not a complete sentence. It needs an object, like "How do you plan to do this [activity]?" And even when it gets an object, you can see that the meaning is still different from the first sentence.

Hope this helps!
Hi, haoqide

Thanks a bunch. But could you help me out with more context about "Which method do you use to plan for this summer?" Method? Sounds so serious to me. (eye-rolling)
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hahaha, ok, it's not really serious...

Here's an example of what I mean:

"How do you plan to get in the house?" That is asking which way you will enter the house...will you go through the front door? the back door? Will you enter through a window? Will you drill a hole in the roof and go in that way? Will you dig a hole below it and then go through the floor?

So, "How do you plan for this summer?" is a question that asks them something more like what they plan to do for the arrival of the summer...or what they do to start planning for the summer. It's a very broad question that could mean "How will you get your ideas for things to do for the summer?" or "What things will you do around your house to prepare for the arrival of the summer [hot weather, etc]?"

Does that help any?
Hello, there

I'm cool with your answer. You just made me think you are an expert in breaking into a house. LOLOLOL!!!

Thanks, it's clear now.[F]
uhhh.....Here's $50...keep your mouth shut! haha
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I have a hole in my pocket, don't you know? LOL!
Oh, great, a smart-alleck foreigner! ***
OK then. That was a new word for me. I've google it, it's a negative meaning. Emotion: sad
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