The question I would like to raise is closely related to my previous inquiry into the word 'virgin.' http://www.EnglishForward.com/English/NoConsiderQuestionMineMaliciousGirl-WomanHasntExperiencedSe... If such a term is commonly used for the males as well, is it right for a boy or man, who hasn't experienced sexual intercourse, to say, 'I'm a virgin'? In my opinion, for a guy to make such a statement is something odd, queer, strange. No, please don't consider my question a malicious one. Isn't it that the word 'virgin' is most properly used for the females?
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If the boy or man is not shy or embarrassed about his lack of experience on the one hand, and wishes to be honest with his girlfriend or his God on the other hand, then he would certainly admit that he was a virgin. Notice that the first definition in the dictionary does not discriminate by sex:

Virgin: –noun

1. a person who has never had sexual intercourse.
Rommel Isn't it that the word 'virgin' is most properly used for the females?
If you still aren't satisfied, you could always refer to the male as inexperienced. Virgin is also used in non-sexual references in other situations: virgin wool, {extra}-virgin olive oil.
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Napakahusay po ng kasagutang ibinigay ninyo sa akin, Ginoong Micawber. (You've given me a very good answer, Mister Micawber.) Rest assured that I'll keep in mind your short but striking explanation. Maraming salamat po sa inyong walang sawang pagsisikap na sagutin ang bawat katanungan ko.(Thank you very much for your untiring efforts to answer each of my questions.) Emotion: smile
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