English is not my native language, so I always confuse when I hear someone say the sentences with the word "would". How can I understand what they say ?
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Let's first compare "would" to "could" in questions. "Could" means do you have the ability, whereas "would" means do you have the willingness: "Would you help me?" vs. "Could you help me?" We often use could to mean willingness as well, but it really should be "would."

Now let's try some statements: "I would go, if I had some money." So, we see that "would" shows that one thing is contingent upon another. A person could also say: "I could go if I had some money." The difference here is that "would" means that the person will actually go if given some money, while "could" means that the person would have the ability to go, but may not actually go.

Keep in mind that "would," as well as words like "could," "should," and "might" are modal verbs, and modal verbs act as helping or auxiliary verbs for actual verbs. You can't say: "I like to go out for dinner tonight." You must say: "I would like to go out for dinner tonight."
For present tense you could leave out the modal verb, "I like to go out for dinner every night," meaning that the person actually does go out for dinner every night and likes doing it. "Would" means that if that happened, the person would like it. So you see again that "would" not only shows future, but relates one thing being contingent upon another: If we go out for dinner tonight, I would be happy (I would like it).

I would like to tell you more, but I can't think of anything else right now.

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thanks alot you have cleared my great confusion. Emotion: smile
i need some more examples for the word would
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Thanks.Good Article.

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