I have to answer the second question in my job application form. Could you please help me rewrite the answer in a better way and more natural English please?

2) Describe yourself in the words of an imaginary, fair and impartial critic.

I would mostly consider myself as a focused and mindful teacher who is genuinely concerned about my students comfort, engagement, and learning — even if sometimes I may not know exactly how to handle every classroom situation with equal wisdom and ability. I may not come across as an 'expert' — I am still learning the details and the higher skills of teaching — but more of a sincere long-term enthusiastic teacher. My main challenges appear to be discipline and occasionally organisation. I think I am often too nice-acting with students, who may take advantage and act out. Another thing I notice about myself: I get along quite well with both Turkish and foreign staff, am quick to smile, and have an easy-going and cooperative spirit that is much appreciated in the sometimes stressful atmosphere of the school staffroom.
"nice-acting" is not a standard word, and "act out" is wrong - perhaps "act up" is what you mean - behave badly.

From the British perspective, you admit to too many weaknesses and show a lack of confidence, in my view. The question doesn't ask for details of many weaknesses so I would try to give more positive qualities. I'd be happy to have another look. Kind regards, Michael
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thankyou so much

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