How would you rate my english? Worse, Bad or Good. Do you think I need to improve my english? Are there any books I could do with? I'm doing B.A. in english literature. I want to write nice stories and make hell lot of money(oh, don't i want to be rich)(i'll build myself a nice big bathroom, bedroom and i'll buy myself a home theater (jbl synthesiser or studio l or a much better one) and a nice house). So you see it is necessary to be very good at english.

Thanks in advance.
Why don't you post this question as a poll, Golden?
I got your idea dear friend but i beleive you need to improve your English skills.I am not a native english speaking but i made huge efforts in order to learn how to read and write as correct as possible..When i have decided to learn english i was reading a lot ,day and night.Reading is an important learning tool . If you permit, i will give you a word of advise before you grew much older read..read and read... .With my best regards. sema
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How do I post this question as a poll?
At the top right of a forum menu-- for example, please see -- you will see a button labelled 'Poll'. Use that.
Thank You, Mister Micawber.
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First of all, thank you for your advice. I am really agree with you and do my best to follow your instruction.

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