Please, could you give me any hints or recommend any sites about how to write a good 'for and against' essay. I suppose there are some generals rules for such essays. What should they contain?. What should I take into account if I can use only 400 words (what cannot be omiited?)? How should they be organized? The organization is a big problem for me. I suppose there should be an introduction, body and summary, shouldn't it? What should be the proportions of those parts?

I would really appreciate if you could give me some advice and maybe recommed some links with examples of such essays.

thank you
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You want to write a persuasive essay. You either take a stand against something, support it but you can't really argue something if you are neutral, I'll be too long I believe. Your essay, although only 400 words needs an introduction, thesis, points of argument(body) and conclusion. Because the essay has to be 400 words long, you don't have to place as many points of arguments as you would in a larger word count essay, but always be clear and take a side, a persuasive essay is all about making the reader understand and believe your stand point.
thank you Yaredo,

I have a question, though.
Is a persuasive essay the same as a "for and against" essay? I'm asking this question because I thought that in a persuasive essay you should try to persuade the read to your point of view, while in a 'for and against' essay you should state arguments for and against something (do you have to stand either against sth or for sth in this case? )

Please help me clear my doubts and hesitations.
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You should use phases like:


On the one hand... on the ather hand.



On the contrary

As a conclusion
1. general idea
2.One the one hand
3. However ( on the other hand)
4.to sum up ( in my opinion)

this is a short play how to write 'for and against' essay

sorry for offtop
how cou;d you write an essay of 150 words when you have alot to say and do you have to be on a side can't you be neutral for example a T.V essay i believe it simply a part of life so i'm neutral.
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how could you write and essay consisting of 150 words when you have alot to say, also how should i get ideas in an essay and should we have to be on a side or can we be neutral.

please answer
Are you supposed to be on only one side or write both the pros and the cons?

I find 150 words to be REALLY short. It's always harder for me to write less than to write more.

But what you do is jot down two or three points you want to make, build a coupld sentences around each one, and then come up with a decent opening and conclusion. Try it. Post it. Let us see.

P.S. - welcome to the forums!
thanks i'll try and work on it it'll take me a little time what do you want it to be about
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