Respected teacher,

Myself A. Mohamed Arif finished my bachelor degree in India and currently working for a organisation in Oman as a Sales Manager.

I am having much pleasure to join this forum to develop my caree by the Grace of Almighty Who will give the knowledge thru my teacher. My problem is to have more and more conversation everyday from different business zones.

Always i handle the enquiry by stating that " Please quote your best price and the availability or in return i will say them that we kindly request you ... these are words i am using more & more also very local language (meaning) i used to have in my letters.

Is it possible for me to learn from you more regarding the letter writing in the pleased manner also in Hi-Tech way.

For sure i pray for all your health & Wealth and will be obedient to you for ever.

A.Mohamed Arif
Part I - having trouble posting

Hi Sadak,

The "high tech" way is to be friendly and polite. That never fails.

That said, I would never in business communcation talk about "Grace of Almighty" or "will be obedient to you for ever" or "For sure i pray for all your health & Wealth".

For the most part, religeon has no place in business discussions. Keep it out. You don't know if the person you are dealing with is an aetheist, agnostic, or prays to his house plants every day. It really should not matter to you. If it does matter, then you should clear that issue immediately. But in my business correspondence, I stay away from that stuff.
Part II

I don't mention their religeon, politics, sexual preferences, or age. If the person is an acquaintance and not yet a friend, I keep my personal discussion very superficial. "I hope you enjoyed your weekend in La Plata" (fictious name, I hope). If we become friends, that I am more likely to engage in personal discussion of a friendly and positive nature. But again, in business correspondence, my language is more "professional" and devoid of personal stuff.

We are all different Sadak, and there is no point making life and business more difficult by discussing taboo subjects.