I will join an American company as a purchasing manager. it's my first job in American company, before that, I had worked for korean company for 8 years. I wrote business reports in Korean at the Korean Company, generally used with PPT. The most reports are about the negotication with supplier and plant audit.

If somebody worked in American company, Would you like to give me a hand that how to write a business report to boss?

1) What kinds of file used in report? Powerpoint or word?

2) What's style was used in ? (I mean like letter or presentation )

3) and if there are others necessary, pls tell me, I will appreciate you with your help!

Best regards

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First of all, I would advise you to speak about that with your boss or with colleagues who have written such reports before. You should ask about any special requirements or a format needed. If there are not any of them, then just try to include all the necessary information. You have to include dates: when did you have done smth, when did you start and finished the work and so on. Write this informal style, of course. It should be written as a Word document typically. Use Times New Roman for the text, and the text should have the same format in the whole document.