Hello, everyone.

I have no ideas about how to write an essay.

Could someone help me?

I know that we should braimstorm and write the thesis.

But how? Are there any important factors in writing an essay?

Please told me. Thanks.

p.s. What I mean is to write short essay, and the topic is like this:

1.What attitude toward city life is in the Old testment? How would you

contrast the view of urban experience to those expressed in the Iliad

and the Odyssey.

2.Compare the hero of a Greek tragedy with the hero of Dante's Divine Comedy,

especially in terms of how they acquire self-image.
Hi Emeraldisle,

Every essay has different strategies first tell us what kind of essay you are going to write.
Well, literature essay.

Compare the two character's personality or discuss the their heroic value in two works.

Something like that.

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I am so sorry I haven't heard about this kind of essay before and I don't know any important strategies about it.
EmeraldisleHello, everyone.

I have no ideas about how to write an essay.

Could someone help me?

I know that we should braimstorm and write the thesis.

But how? Are there any important factors in writing an essay?

Please told me. Thanks.

A sample essay has three parts:

1. Intorduction;

2. Body;

3. Conclusion.

Intorduction may be started abruptly for having affect or with a sentence which encompasses the whole essay. This part must contain items to be explained in the body of the essay.

Body of the essay must be the explanation of the introduction. It is divided into paragraphs which are ordered on the basis of significance of points relating to the main theme.

Conclusion is usually the opinion of the writer and must be such that it seems commentary/summary of the whole essay from critical point of view


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Hi there Esmeraldisle,

These essays are both very broad in scope. The Old Testament, the Iliad and the Odyssey are all big tomes!
Ideally, you want to be familiar with the primary texts before starting to think about the essay itself. Focus your reading on those passages that are relevant to the question and keep a record of them for reference (you need plenty of good examples to make your essay convincing). So, obviously for (1) you're focussing on passages that refer to cities. However, the important bit is your insight and the connections you draw, so don't get carried away with hunting out every last reference.

Approaching the question:
Often questions have hidden assumptions. A good technique is always to analyse and critique those assumptions - this will help you frame your argument. For example (1) implies: (a) that there is a consistant authorial "attitude" towards "city life" in all 3 works; (b) that the view of urban experience expressed in the Iliad and Odyssey are somewhat similar when contrasted with that in the Old Testament.
In fact, the view of urban experince in the Iliad and Odyssey may be quite different. Also, there's the complications of consistency and authorship (Iliad and Odyssey attributed to Homer, but emerge from an oral tradition, plus some parts are arguably later additions eg Od. bk 24) and the Old Testament is also of complex authorship. How does this affect how we see the portrayal of cities in these works? Also, you might want to think about in what respects all 3 are similar. Basically, keep a very open mind when looking at the question! Feel free to take issue with the basic assumptions of the question - it'll help you form your own angle and opinion.

Try and keep an eye on the way the theme of urban experience plays out in the wider context of the works and how it interacts with the broader concerns.

Always pursue the ideas that interest you - you don't have the space to cover everything, plus you're more likely to come out with a coherent essay. Close examination of specific passages will keep your essay much more lively, interesting and grounded in the power of the literature than mere generalisations, so once you've got an idea of the concepts you're interested in, keep going back to the text.

Good luck!!!
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Doll, Sdk, English expert

i truly appreciate your help.
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