i have received a letter asking me to give explanation on plagiarism. How should i write this letter to prove that i'm innocent in this case?
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You need to state to your instructor that those words are your words, and that you did not copy those words from any other source.

Plagiarism is usually easy to spot. We all have our own unique writing styels, just like our own unique fingerprints. When the writing style changes, then there is a good chance that there is plagiarism. Plus, with the Internet, instructors can quickly compare the passage against public sources.

Good luck.

If you really wrote your paper there is a website that can check how much of it is your own words. Its called turnitin.com you sould tell your teacher to submit it so you can prove you wrote your paper.
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Dear Sir,

I received Explanation letter on 28.10.08. Recarding this mistake is upen. kindly forget the plagiarism. i sorry, andcannot do next time


easy just come on english forums.com and they we trour you trow your older then me im 11 and ihavent leared it yet you should know
so was you plagiarism or they thought you was?
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i have no idea what to write about in my explanation paragrapgh can you help me
Anonymousi have no idea what to write about in my explanation paragrapgh can you help me

And we have no idea what it is you need to explain!
I have the same problem with you now.. so, did you ever solve the issue. I really need help too.
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