Hi!!! I just got a call from a good friend and colleague. She was asking me a really good question that I don't know how to answer. She is preparing the invitation cards for the engagement of her boss. He wants to invite all members of the School Board (he is the Schools's Principal). The Board includes, of course, women and men. According to my friend's info on Protocol and Etiquetee, she should be writing only the name of men on the envelope, I mean... she is not suppossed to write the women names. So, her question was, how to write it? She gave me three options: Mr. Charles Prince and wife? Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prince, or Mr. and Mrs. Prince. What do you think? What should be the right way of writting this? Emotion: left hug


Hello HellenVare,

There are Web sites devoted to the details of things like this. Go to one of the sites of companies that print wedding invitations, like Crane.

I see you are in Costa Rica, so traditions may well be different there, but if one of my colleagues invited me with an envelope addressed to my husband "and wife," I'd be highly insulted. I work with him, and suddenly, he doesn't remember my name?

What about the situation of husbands and wives having different names?

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prince would be acceptable, but if she has a Ph.D., then Dr. Mary Prince goes on the top line and Mr. Charles Prince goes on the second line.

Ms. Mary Princess on the first line, and Mr. Charles Prince on the second line, if they have different names.

I forgot to tell you that my friend's boss is from the US. They work in an American School (yes, located here in Costa Rica), following US guidelines in everything.

Yes, I agree with you... I would not be happy to see "ME" disapper in some way!!!

Thanks for the recommendation. Great!!