Hi, could anybody helps me on how to write a formal letter to board or director ? I would like to know how is the style of the formal letter presented to board of director and the professional way of writng the letter.

Thank you very much

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Hey Jude,

Please .

I googled without the brackets.

There are several links available. Here is a letter that might help you.


Hope this helps.


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Hi MoutainHiker,

Thanks for you reply. I will keep that as a reference. By the way, do you know if there is any sample or website that provide the sample of Board Letter and Board proposal? I am learning on how to write a board letter and proposal. However, I couldn't find the sample on the website.

Your help is much appreciated.

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I would just try searching the net. I doubt that there is a specific template. It all depends on the board, your relationship with the board, and what is being proposed. A proposal to launch a hostile takeover of GM will look much different than a proposal to adopt the latest ethic guidelines.

Hope that helps.

I need to write a board paper to present to our company chairman to request for the Directors and officers liabilit insurance.

Please advise


Liability insurance for officers and directors is pretty standard stuff. If I were you, I'd simply talk to someone on the Audit Committee. It will be one of the directors. They should be outside directors. You can ask them to provide you with some information as to how to present the material to your board.

I am choosing the audit committee because this has financial implications to the board members. Audit committee members are usually well versed in governance issues and fiduciary duties and responsibities as well as insurance to protect themselves.

If you feel uncomfortable speaking with outside board members (again, audit committee board members ought to be external), then I would talk to a senior person internally who deals with the audit committee on a regular basis. Prime candidates include your CFO and/or Treasurer, or General Counsel. General Counsel would probably be a better bet since insurance is really a legal matter. He or she can probably give you advice on how to position your material for the board's consideration.

This stuff we are covering here is not English. I am now playing the role of an Executive Coach. So at this point, I am handing you off to your internal resources. They should be able to guide you better as each company is its own unique animal.

Good luck.

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thanks .
Hi Guest,

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