What do you write about the heading?

What do you write for the opening paragraph?


Thank you in advance!
Write the name of the film as the heading. Introduce the reader to your topic and write your [url=http://www.unc.edu/depts/wcweb/handouts/thesis.html]thesis statement[/url] in the opening paragraph. Post your first draft essay here and we will review it for you
Start with what you enjoyed about the film, If you didn't enjoy it or it didn't seem as good as it could be include how you would improve it , or what you would add to make it more interesting. Write the good points and bad points. Include there good/ (or bad) use of camara angles and how they put across emotions in each character (main characters) And finally end it with whether you enjoyed it or didn't enjoy it, and answer this question, Would you recommend it to anyone else? Who?(what age, gender ect..) Why?(E.g:Would it suit the person, Maybe it seems more a girly film then for men) I hope this helps you, and anyone else who needs help writing an opinion on a film Emotion: smile
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im writing to inform to anybody who is interested about a film called HAMPSTEAD IN LONDON the real person that this film was based on his real name was HENRY HARRY HALLOWS he only used Henry to his friends he used Harry when he got nervous. i know this as he was my father's best friend he was born in Sligo town in Ireland n my father n him grew up together, he was born to a prosperous family n was strong, still to this day when me n my father go fishing we can still see his house down by the river he use to go fishing with my father. just cant understand how he ended up homeless in london. hopefully someday someone will pick up on this n maybe reedit the film