This is what my principal wants me to teach my sophomores because of the (@#$% explative deleted @#$%) state writing test. My only problem is that I can't find anything to help me teach them how to do it. They don't have to look up anything; they have to write from a prompt such as:

Your teacher has given you an assignment to write an informative essay. Think of people you find to be interesting. Write an essay explaing why you find a person interesting. Use specific examples.

Believe me; it's a lot more difficult than it looks. I need something formulaic so they don't get off topic and get creative with it as honors classes tend to do. Any assitance will be greatly appreciated.

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First Paragraph is Introducotry with three details and a thesis at the end of it.

Second Paragraph is Topic with three details and a conclusion

Third Paragraph is Topic with three details and a conclusion

Fourth Paragraph is Topic with three details and a conclusion

Fifth Paragraph is a Conclusion Paragraph with a Thesis at the end.

So basically it is layed out like this













Also, the paper does not form an opinion or try to assert a particular viewpoint but rather presents well-balanced and neutral ideas from different perspectives. You would not only be justifying or denying a statement but also be writing a document that enhances knowledge about a subject.
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im in 8th grade and my teacher is making me write an informative essay ___
Hi I am a senior in high school in louisiana and in deul enrollment for college courses....for a english 101 journal i had to write how to write an inforamtive essay.....hope this helps

There are many types of essays, and an informative essay is just one of them. The topic interest that you chose should depend on how much you now about the subject. When writing an informative essay it is important to not just write plain information but, to write interesting and useful information. To be able to write a great informative essay you should know the basic rules of writing one.

Choosing a topic that you know a lot about will help you write an informative essay. The more you know about a subject the less information you have to research. Information that you know is true is also a plus because not all sources are true and could be misleading.

For your introduction you need to know your exact subject. There should be no other types of discussions but your chosen subject. The more information in the essay, the better the essay. The more unique information in the essay, the better the essay.

The body is the next part of most essays. In informative essays it is necessary that you write the information in a chronological order. Writing the information will help the readers follow along. Writing the information in order will also help you prove that you have more information at hand than expected.

Lastly, you should be able to prove that you information is accurate. An Essay paper that intends to inform readers should have a backup confidence coming from reliable pieces of work. You can use books, internet resources, and interviews to support that you have the correct and credible information at hand.
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I am just a little confused with paragraphs. Do you need to include them? Also why have you not done paragraphs. A teacher told me to do it the way you have setted out your text but what is the difference between normal paragrahs and your way of setting it out?

I am writing an essay and it is going to be due soon so please reply as soon as possilbe or whenever you have the time. Preferable sooner than later. Thanx!

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Yes, you need to write in paragraphs. They help the reader to see what your main points are, and they show that you are able to organize your thoughts.


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